Michael Bischoff

14 Jun 2018 13:11

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Nonprofit, online Western Governors University (WGU) has named Boyd Bischoff as its new Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Technology. Drawing upon his years of technical experience at Amazon.com delivering superior online experiences, Bischoff will lead WGU's information technology initiatives to continuously improve the student experience.

Bischoff brings more than 20 years of experience leading innovative, customer-focused teams, including 10 years with Amazon, where he was most recently Director of Software Development for Retail. In this role, Bischoff led global teams that made integral contributions toward enhancing Amazon's customer experience. Before Michael Bischoff , Bischoff held leadership positions at Kindle, Amazon Webstore, and Aspen Technology, leading teams in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

"Leading edge technology is essential to ensuring that WGU delivers on its promise to deliver high-quality, accessible, and affordable higher education," said WGU President Scott Pulsipher. "Boyd's experience and insight will help WGU continue to provide a personalized student experience that is both engaging and effective."

"WGU's mission to provide low cost, high-quality online education lends itself well to disruptive technology innovation. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and working with the outstanding team at WGU to continue leveraging technology to truly redefine higher education and improve the overall student experience," Bischoff said.

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